This month in the Translators' House: Marlene Müller-Haas and Ira Wilhelm

Post für Mrs. BromleyMarlene Müller-Haas has already translated works by such authors as Thomas Rosenboom, Charlotte Mutsaers and Adriaan van Dis. Her most recent translations were ‘Post for Mrs Bromley’ [Post voor mevrouw Bromley] by Stefan Brijs and ‘Straus Park’ by P.B. Gronda. In Antwerp, Müller-Haas will be completing her translation of Arjen Lubach’s novel ‘IV’. During her stay, she aims to read as much work as possible by young Flemish writers, or meet the authors themselves at readings and events. Maurice Gilliams’ ‘Winter in Antwerp’ [Winter te Antwerpen] is also on her reading list.

Der Himmel meines GroßvatersIra Wilhelm has earlier translated Erwin Mortier’s ‘My Second Skin’ [Mijn tweede huid] and ‘War and Turpentine' [Oorlog en terpentijn] by Stefan Hertmans. She’s also involved in a translation of Wessel te Gussinklo’s oeuvre. While staying in Antwerp, Wilhelm is translating a dossier on Jeroen Mettes for the German literary magazine, SCHREIBHEFT.

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